How to Sneak a Boy Into Your House With Cameras: Tips & Tricks

If you’ve ever wanted to have your crush over, but your parents wouldn’t even hear about it, you know how frustrating it can be. Add a brand new home surveillance system to the mix, and everything goes from frustrating to extremely annoying.

However, contrary to what surveillance companies want you to believe, there are indeed ways to sneak past their cameras and alarms. Read on to find out how, and you’ll have the time of your life with your crush right under your parents’ noses.

First Things First

Before you begin your sneaky operation, you and your crush need to agree on some ground rules. In essence, that refers to being as quick and quiet as humanly possible. After all, if you manage to get past the camera but alert your folks by being noisy in the process, all that hard work goes out of the window.

So, make sure you move stealthily and avoid any problem areas, such as creaking stairs or floorboards. Even more importantly, turn off your phones, smart watches, or any other gadgets you might be carrying around.

It will also help to take off any shoes once you’re inside, as moving around in socks is always quieter. Plus, get rid of any clothes that cause unnecessary rustling, including jackets.

Lastly, it’s essential to account for any pets you might have. What’s the point of getting past the camera if your dog’s bark alerts everyone in the neighborhood of your shenanigans? So, make sure they are safely in another room and won’t give you away.

And now that you know the basic preparatory steps, it’s time to get to the good stuff.

How to Sneak Past Cameras

1. Study the Camera System

As you probably already know, not all cameras are created equal. Some come with motion sensors and move around, others are stationary, and certain models only turn on when they detect nearby activity.

Therefore, you have to study the cameras in or around your home to determine how they operate. It would also be neat to check out which exact area they record so that you can avoid them.

With stationary cameras, the key is to stay out of their way by either flattening yourself against a wall or crawling. As undignified as it might sound, doing that might just help you sneak your boo past the camera’s watchful eye.

Matters are definitely trickier with motion-sensitive cameras. Still, you can use nearby furniture to hide or trick the camera by going in one direction while your boyfriend sneaks in the other.

In any case, the key is to find blind spots (areas that the camera doesn’t cover) and use them to get in. But if there aren’t any, some of the tricks below might be of better use.

2. Use a Window

In case your home cameras just cover your yard and front door, you can sneak in your crush through a window. It’s best if the window is on ground level, but most people can also climb higher up if there is something sturdy to hold on to.

Wherever the window is, it’s important that this part of your home isn’t covered by the camera(s). As soon as your boyfriend is in, you can use the pointers above to avoid any inside surveillance until you’re safely in your hiding spot.

3. Disable the Camera Temporarily

This option is definitely the riskiest one, as it could alert your parents to your mission or give you away later on. But if you aren’t worried about getting punished after your secret hangout has already concluded, it’s a good plan.

Namely, you just have to disable the cameras long enough for your crush to get past them. After that, you can turn them back on and go join him. And when he’s ready to leave, just repeat the process once again.

If you’re really lucky, your parents might not even notice the small window of time when the cameras weren’t functioning. And if they do, you can try to play dumb and say it must’ve been a glitch. After all, you’ve never even left your room when it was going on!

Another possibility is to cover the camera up while you’re sneaking around. However, doing that eliminates the possibility of playing everything off as a glitch. So, do that at your own discretion and only if you absolutely have to.

4. Hack Into the Camera Feed

Are you tech-savvy? If so, you could definitely get away with hacking into your security camera feed. When you do, simply replace the live feed with the usual empty hallway or yard until your mission is complete.

This option is definitely the most difficult, but it is also entirely foolproof. There’s very little chance your parents will notice anything is amiss with the feed, and you’ll be able to sneak your crush in and out whenever you want.

More Tips for Remaining Undiscovered

So, your boo is in, and you can finally have some alone time. But before you get carried away, here are a few tips that will help you stay out of your parent’s radar.

Plan Out Your Hiding Spots

While it goes without saying that you should keep quiet, it’s easy to get carried away when you’re having fun. Therefore, if you alert your family about your escapades while in your room, you have to plan out hiding spots.

By doing so, your boyfriend will know exactly where to go at the first signs of danger. This escape route could, in turn, help him avoid an awkward run-in with your folks.

Now, the best hiding spots will depend on your visitor’s height and weight, as well as on the layout of your room. Still, some generally good options include under your bed, inside the closet, inside the bathroom, behind a bookshelf, and so on.

While your BF hides, yours is to put on the performance of a lifetime. When your parent(s) walk in, pretend you were talking on the phone or watching something funny on social media. Hopefully, that will be enough to dissuade them from doing any searches.

It’s also important to act as naturally as you can so that you don’t alert them that something unusual is happening. So, calm your breathing, try to appear bored, and be nice. With a little luck, they’ll be out of your hair in no time.

After that, keep as quiet as you can. In other words, don’t play music, laugh out loud, or talk without whispering. You’ll already be on thin ice after the first parent checkup, so try not to repeat it.

Pro Tip

While it’s important to choose a good hiding spot, it’s even more pivotal to clean it out. So, if you want to hide someone in your closet, make sure there is ample space for them there.

The same goes for under your bed or any other small space. After all, you want them to hide without giving themselves away or, even worse, having difficulty breathing or fearing an enclosed space.

It might also help to turn off all your lights or at least dim them. That way, your parents won’t be able to see your room that well. As a result, they might miss clear signs and play it all off as shadows.

Thus, remember that sneaking someone in is a task that requires a lot of careful planning. Don’t count on your ability to think on your feet, as the situation can get quite stressful and make you both panic if you don’t know what to do.

Always Do It at Night

Although everything is usually quieter during the night, it’s also a better time to sneak someone into your home. Namely, your parents will likely be asleep, so they won’t be as alert and able to hear every little noise.

Plus, if the house is dark and you kill all the lights, the camera might not be able to pick up a clear video of your secret mission. Even better, your boo will have an easier time hiding behind trees or bushes outside or the furniture inside.

Either way, the night is a much safer option for being sneaky, so try to avoid doing any of this during the day.

A Few Concluding Thoughts

While it might seem like mission impossible, sneaking someone into your house with cameras can indeed be done. You just have to be extra smart and careful and plan everything to the last detail.

That includes studying the way your cameras work, discovering any blind spots, and planning out your boo’s route. In addition, figuring out good hiding spots and acting cool and nice if confronted by your parents are other golden rules to follow.

In the end, remember that you also need a bit of luck. Even if you do everything perfectly, your parents might still catch and punish you. And if that happens, all that’s left to do is apologize, promise to be good, and pray to God they don’t catch you again.

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