Best Moving Blankets for Soundproofing: From Hauls to Hush

If you search the Internet for soundproof blankets, you’ll notice that they’re often mentioned in the same breath as moving blankets. This can be confusing, as the two seem to have little in common. However, it turns out that moving blankets played a pivotal role in the genesis of soundproof blankets.

Typically, moving blankets are utilized by professional movers to protect furniture from damage during transit. This is because they’re made of soft and thick materials like woven cotton, polyester, fiberglass, and nylon. Interestingly, these materials also prevent sound from reflecting off their surface.

Recognizing the potential of moving blankets for soundproofing, manufacturers quickly adapted to the trend. Many individuals began to adopt this approach as it was cost-effective. Traditional soundproofing equipment, which is primarily used in recording studios and offices, tends to be pricey and out of reach for the average consumer. In contrast, these blankets were not only affordable but also straightforward to install.

Eventually, with the growing demand, designers began producing dedicated soundproof blankets specifically for studio applications. These were more adept at blocking sound compared to traditional moving blankets, packed with materials used in professional soundproofing gear. They also came equipped with grommets for easy hanging.

Now that you understand the basics, let’s explore the features to consider when shopping for moving blankets for soundproofing projects.

Considerations When Shopping for Moving Blankets for Soundproofing

Material Insights

The density, thickness, and weight of a blanket play crucial roles in its sound-blocking capacity. A simple rule of thumb here is: denser and thicker equals better soundproofing. Sound has a harder time penetrating denser materials, meaning it’s less likely to reach the interiors of your room.

While a dense blanket blocks sound, a soft, porous one like those made of polyester or cotton can absorb it, reducing echo. Most moving blankets tend to be absorbent rather than blockers because they often lack heavy, dense layers.

Tip: For enhanced soundproofing, consider layering blankets.

Size Matters

Ensure the blanket size is apt for the area you intend to cover. Especially if you’re trying to absorb sound, it should sufficiently cover reflection points.

When blocking sound, even the slightest gap can let a significant amount of noise through. Aim for blankets that envelop your target area entirely. Many blankets are standardized at 80 x 72 inches, but smaller variants exist.

The Role of Grommets

Grommets facilitate easy hanging of blankets. Soundproofing-specific blankets typically come with pre-installed grommets. Conversely, most moving blankets exclude them to prevent potential furniture damage.

If your chosen blanket lacks grommets, you can manually install them. Prefer sturdy iron grommets to bear the blanket’s weight. Nonetheless, scouting for blankets with pre-installed grommets can save you some work.

Design and Aesthetics

Many moving blankets sport neutral designs, seamlessly blending into diverse settings. Standard colors include black and grey, but other hues are accessible. Choose one that complements your space.


While moving blankets are generally more affordable than specialized soundproofing tools, the cheapest ones might not always deliver. Often, you’ll find that price correlates with performance. Yet, keep an eye out for deals, ensuring you strike a balance between effectiveness and affordability.

Top Moving Blankets for Soundproofing: Best Brands & Products

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best moving blankets that you can utilize for soundproofing purposes.

1. US Cargo Control Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a range of products, including two cost-effective moving blankets. Although not specifically designed for soundproofing, neither model comes with grommets. Both feature a straightforward black-and-white design and are durably constructed.

The Supreme Mover Blanket is crafted from a premium blend of cotton and polyester. As a result, it weighs a substantial 7.5 lbs and comes in the standard size of 72″ X 80″. This blanket is an excellent option for those in search of a washable moving blanket that is both heavy and dense, capable of absorbing significant noise.

On the other hand, the Econo Mover Blankets are a lighter alternative. While they match the Supreme Mover’s 72″ X 80″ size, they weigh considerably less at just 4.5 pounds. Made from durable, non-woven fabric with a zigzag stitch pattern, they are more compact.

Although the Econo Mover Blankets are more affordable than the Supreme Mover, they don’t block as much sound and aren’t machine-washable.

2. Cheap Cheap Moving Blankets

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes offers three popular moving blankets: Deluxe Moving Blankets, Supreme Moving Blankets, and Textile Moving Blankets. None of these blankets come with grommets.

Although the brand’s name suggests otherwise, their prices are marginally higher than those of US Cargo Control. Nevertheless, they remain affordable. Both the Deluxe and Supreme Moving Blankets are made of polyester, while the Textile Moving Blanket is crafted from cotton.

The Deluxe Blankets weigh in at 45 lbs per dozen, whereas the Supreme Blankets are heavier at 65 lbs per dozen. This added weight means the Supreme Blankets provide enhanced soundproofing, but they come at a higher price.

Conversely, the Textile Blankets are more compact and weigh only 23 lbs per dozen. However, due to their compressed cotton composition, they are still effective in noise blocking.

3. Sure-Max Moving Blankets

Sure-Max offers two types of blankets: the Ultra Thick and the Pro Economy. Both measure 80″ x 72″, but the Ultra Thick is almost double the weight, coming in at 65 lbs/dz compared to the Pro Economy’s 35 lbs/dz. This positions both products within the medium weight range.

Although neither blanket features grommets, their construction using padded virgin cotton batting and a polyester binding enhances their soundproofing capability. The zigzag stitching ensures the padding stays securely in place, maximizing effectiveness.

Moreover, their affordability makes them a practical option for quick soundproofing tasks.

4. EasyGoProducts Moving Blankets

This company offers Heavy Moving Blankets in sets of three. While these blankets are more affordable, they are smaller than other models we’ve discussed, measuring 72″ x 45″. They come in a neutral teal and black combination.

Crafted from dense non-woven polyester, they are excellent for soundproofing, although they lack grommets.

Filled with heavy recycled cotton, these blankets are ideal for soundproofing living areas where a more affordable and lightweight option is desirable over a bulkier, pricier alternative. Their effectiveness can be enhanced by layering them, given they are sold in three-pack sets.

5. BoxerTools Grommeted Blankets

BoxerTools produces the Grommeted Blanket with soundproofing in mind, which makes this blanket very effective in that area. As the name indicates, it has grommets with reinforced polyester loops, and therefore is very practical to set up. On top of that, with dimensions of 78″ x 72″, it meets the requirements of most users.

The outside of this blanket is made of polyester, while the stuffing is a blend of polyester and cotton. It is notably heavy and dense, characteristics that enhance its soundproofing capabilities. Moreover, it is washable in any standard washing machine.

Considering its affordability, this blanket has become a top choice for immediate soundproofing tasks.

How to Install Moving Blankets for Soundproofing

Installing moving blankets for soundproofing is not just about draping them over a source of noise. The effectiveness of these blankets largely depends on the method and precision of their installation.

Here’s a quick guide on how to optimize your space for soundproofing with moving blankets.


Begin by identifying where the majority of the sound intrusion occurs in your space. Is it a window facing a busy street? A thin wall shared with a noisy neighbor? Or perhaps the echoing ceiling of a large room?

Once you’ve pinpointed the primary sources of noise, measure the length and width of these areas. This ensures you purchase enough blankets to adequately cover and overlap, preventing sound leaks through small gaps.

Wall Installations

Walls are generally the most straightforward surfaces to cover. Here are some methods you can use to hang moving blankets:

  • Command Strips: Best for temporary setups or rental spaces. Ensure the wall is clean and free from dust for the adhesive to stick properly. Given their limited weight-bearing capacity, these are suitable for lighter blankets.
  • Nails or staples: Perfect for longer-term setups. Stretch the blanket ensuring no wrinkles or folds, as these can diminish the soundproofing capacity. When using nails or staples, space them at regular intervals to evenly distribute the blanket’s weight and keep it taut.
  • Grommets: If you’ve opted for blankets with grommets, this method is straightforward and efficient. Space the hooks or nails consistently, so the blanket hangs evenly without sagging, which could compromise its soundproofing abilities.

Door Coverage

Doors can act as conduits for sound, especially if they’re hollow or not entirely flush with their frames. To soundproof a door, simply drape the blanket over it. Utilize hooks or a tension rod to hold the blanket in place.

It’s pivotal to ensure the blanket extends a bit beyond the frame on all sides. This overhang can be instrumental.

Ceiling Soundproofing

Soundproofing ceilings can be slightly more challenging due to the inherent issues posed by gravity. So strong anchors or hooks are a necessity.

Given the weight and pull, it might be beneficial to enlist the help of a friend or family member.

Always prioritize safety, ensuring that the blankets are securely fastened and pose no risk of falling.

Room Partitions

If the noise source is within the room itself, you can use these blankets to create partitions. Hang them on a tension rod like room divider curtains or drape them over a freestanding clothes rack.

Not only does this method help in isolating the noise source, but it also adds an element of privacy to your space.

Beyond Soundproofing: Versatile Uses of Moving Blankets

Beyond their primary function for moving and soundproofing, these versatile blankets have a myriad of other applications that cater to both practical and creative needs:

  • Protective coverings: Given their thick and durable nature, moving blankets can be used as protective coverings for flooring during renovations or paint jobs. They can shield surfaces from potential scratches, spills, or dust.
  • Camping and outdoors: Their robust fabric makes them suitable for camping trips. They can be used as a makeshift ground cover or an extra layer of warmth during colder nights.
  • Pet bedding: If you have pets, especially larger breeds, a folded moving blanket can serve as an improvised bed. It provides a soft and comfortable space, and given their durable nature, they can endure the wear and tear from pets.
  • Vehicle protection: When transporting bulky items in your car or truck, spread out a moving blanket to protect the vehicle’s interior from potential damage or dirt.
  • Thermal insulation: In situations where there’s a lack of proper heating or during power outages in winter, these blankets can be used to cover windows or doorways, helping to retain heat within rooms.
  • Arts and crafts: For the creatively inclined, these blankets can be an excellent material for DIY projects. Convert them into curtains, seat covers, or even fabric wall art. Their neutral designs provide a blank canvas that can be painted or embroidered for customization.
  • Workout and yoga mat: Given their cushioned nature, a folded moving blanket can be used as a temporary yoga or workout mat, providing comfort during exercises.
  • Children’s play area: If you’re in need of a makeshift play area for kids, a moving blanket can offer a clean and cushioned surface. It’s particularly useful for picnics or outdoor activities where you need an instant clean spot for kids to play.
  • Storage: Wrapping seldom-used items in moving blankets before storing can protect them from dust, moisture, and potential damage.
  • Photography: The neutral colors of most moving blankets make them suitable backdrops for amateur photography. They can absorb light without reflecting it, ensuring softer illumination.

By recognizing the multifunctional value of moving blankets, you can extract the most from your purchase, ensuring it serves various needs beyond its original purpose.

In Conclusion

Moving blankets, initially designed to safeguard furniture during transit, have found a significant place in the world of soundproofing. This shift from their primary function highlights the importance of innovation and adaptability in everyday products.

While their soundproofing capabilities have been widely recognized and adopted, their versatility extends much further. From serving as pet beds to protective layers during home renovations, the multifaceted nature of these blankets continues to surprise and benefit users.

So whether you’re an audiophile looking to enhance your recording space, a homeowner aiming to reduce neighborhood noise, or just someone in need of a robust blanket for outdoor adventures, moving blankets offer an affordable and effective solution.

For those interested in exploring this further, we have an article on using different types of blankets for soundproofing. It covers a range of options, from standard household blankets to professional-grade acoustic blankets, providing insights on how to best utilize them.

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