Best DIY Bed Dividers to Block Out Snoring: Complete Guide

Sleeping in the same bed is an essential part of intimacy in every relationship. However, sometimes it’s a difficult step to take when the person you love snores loudly, and you’re a light sleeper.

Luckily, this issue has a relatively simple solution: you just need to make a bed divider that will help keep out the noise. I’m here to help you with some ideas, tips, and tricks.

Why Does Snoring Occur?

The noise you hear when someone snores is caused by air hitting an obstruction in their nose or throat while they breathe. The obstruction makes it impossible for the air to travel smoothly, so the tissue inside the throat or nose vibrates.

Now, the obstruction can be caused by different factors, including:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Sleeping in specific positions (lying on one’s back, for example)
  • Old age
  • Being out of shape

In addition to these, there are numerous health conditions that can lead to snoring:

  • Sinus issues
  • Sleep apnea
  • Tonsillitis
  • The flu or common cold

While some of these factors (such as old age) cannot be fixed, a larger number of them can. Practicing a healthy diet and exercising are the most important aspects, as are regular visits to a doctor.

But if nothing seems to help even though your partner tries, you can take matters into your own hands. Making a DIY bed divider is one of your options, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

How Can a Bed Divider Help?

As their name suggests, bed dividers separate a bed into two distinct halves. Therefore, you and your bedmate will have your own space to move around and sleep without disturbances.

While dividers are mostly used to prevent duvet or sheet hogging and restless sleep injuries, they can also help with snoring. To do that, they have to be specifically made for that purpose using different soundproofing materials.

Here are some ideas you can use to make one on your own.

DIY Bed Dividers for Snoring: 3 Simple Ideas

1. Make a Fort

The first idea for a DIY bed divider comes straight from the magical days of your childhood. How many times have you built forts on your bed and wished you could hide in them forever?

Well, with this divider — you can! It looks just like it sounds: basically, it is a DIY tent you can make with any spare sheets and some curtain rods. Aside from these, you can also use the tools for an actual tent if you have them at hand.

The rest is simple. You just fasten your equipment to the bed so that there is a tent on top of it. As for the setup, you can just do a tent for yourself or your partner or one for each. It is all up to you, the size of your bed, and how much material you have.

It would be great if the sheets or fabrics you choose for the tent have good sound-absorbing abilities. Great options include all heavier materials such as velour, hessian, and acoustic fabric. By using these, you’ll ensure your tent is a barrier that sound waves won’t cross easily.

Another perk of this option is that you can easily remove it anytime you need to. Therefore, changing your sheets or cleaning won’t be an issue at all.

And in case you can’t be bothered to make the tent all by yourself, you can also purchase a pre-made model. Doing so will cut your prep time considerably while still offering the same amount of acoustic protection.

2. Hang a Curtain

Your next option is to buy a ceiling curtain rod, fasten it above your bed, and hang a curtain that will divide your bed into two. The best part of this hack is the fact that you can move the curtain out of the way quickly whenever you need to.

Again, if you opt for this solution, you should use curtains made of a heavier soundproofing material. If you opt for something sheer or thin, the sound will easily travel over from your partner’s side once again.

In case you cannot work with your ceiling, you can also put up a wall-to-wall curtain rod. As long as the setup goes well with your bed and the rest of your room, there are no strict rules.

3. Make or Get a Custom Standing Bed Divider

The last idea is to make a standing bed divider. Such a model stands in the middle of the bed and creates a solid physical boundary between you and your sleeping partner.

Now, there are countless ways to build a standing bed divider. You can use duvets, pillows, sheets, plush toys, or anything else you have at hand. Alternatively, you can make a panel out of fabric, similar to this product.

Yet another option is to have a carpenter or handyman build you a custom divider tailored to your bed. The most effective models are made of wood and upholstered in acoustic fabrics. As such, they can successfully block out noise, even if it’s coming from right next to you.

Of course, this final solution is also the most expensive one. However, it’s definitely effective, so it’s an investment that absolutely pays off in the long run.

Tips for Making Your Bed Dividers Even More Effective

Although it’s an excellent choice, no bed divider will be able to fully block out snoring. That’s why the following tricks are also great to know.

Get Noise-Canceling Earplugs

One of the best — and easiest — ways to block out snoring is to get a pair of quality earmuffs. Most models on the market are equally unobtrusive and comfortable, so you can be sure that they won’t be a nuisance while you sleep.

Made of soundproofing materials, these muffs are extremely effective when it comes to blocking out noise. If your partner snores really loudly, you can even get a pair meant for construction workers, as those will definitely drown out everything around you.

Depending on your budget, you’ll be able to choose between reusable and single-use models. While reusable ones are always a bit more expensive, it’s smarter to get them when you deal with snoring every night.

By pairing your new DIY bed divider with the earplugs, you’ll be all set to have a restful night once more. And, even more importantly, you and your partner won’t have to fight about the noise anymore!

Use Your Headphones

Alternatively, if you like falling asleep to the sound of a soothing playlist, you can also use your headphones. The music will effectively drown out the sound of snoring, allowing you to sleep through the night.

If you do opt for this trick, though, make sure you do not play the music too loudly. Namely, doing so for prolonged periods could damage your hearing. So, keep it at the lowest volume possible while still blocking out the snoring noise.

Also, make sure your headphones are comfortable and safe enough to sleep with them.

Use White Noise

Another way to make your bed divider more efficient is to combine it with a white noise machine. Namely, white noise has been proven helpful in masking all types of noise, including snoring.

It is important to mention that these machines won’t disturb you while you sleep. In fact, they might even help you relax and reach deeper stages of sleep, thus letting you rest more productively.

Besides a white noise machine, you can also get a fan. The sound is similar, and the device can do double duty and keep you cool while you sleep as well.

Of course, these solutions won’t work if you need absolute silence to get a good night’s sleep. In such a case, you’ll be better off with earplugs.

Get an Air Humidifier

Seeing that snoring can be caused by nasal issues, getting an air humidifier might fix all your issues. These devices are a godsend when it comes to upping the humidity levels in your room, as they release a cool mist into the air every once in a while.

By ensuring the air your partner breathes isn’t dry, you’ll prevent irritation and sinus issues. That could, in turn, help stop or at least reduce their snoring.

If All Else Fails…

Sometimes, no amount of bed dividers and earmuffs can fix a snoring problem that runs deeper. In such cases, your partner should visit a doctor. Everything from exercise to diet changes can be useful, so it’s good to try anything that the doctor recommends.

Also, if the lack of sleep is messing with your quality of life, you can also consider sleeping in separate bedrooms. Doing what’s best for your health is essential, and your partner will surely understand.

If you’re feeling iffy about the decision, know that 1 in 4 couples are doing it — without detriment to their relationship. So, it’s definitely worth considering.

Lastly, a Gentle Reminder

And finally, always remember that your partner cannot control their snoring. So, there is no point in being angry with them or resenting them for it.

Instead, you should do your best to compromise and find a solution that works for both of you. So, although they should listen to their doctor and change their habits, you should also arm yourself with patience and understanding.

The journey toward quieter sleeping arrangements won’t be easy, but you shouldn’t make it more challenging. Thus, remember that your best shot at success is working as a team, and you’ll be off to a great start.

Some Final Thoughts

No matter how much you love someone, you’ll have problems if their snoring disrupts your sleep every night. Luckily, you can use DIY bed dividers to make the noise less loud. And if you pair the dividers with handy soundproofing tools such as earmuffs, white noise machines, and fans, you’ll surely sleep through the night.

In case none of it works, you can always look for an underlying cause for the snoring and treat it. Anything from habit changes to mouth and throat exercises can be of help, all depending on what’s causing the snoring.

Hopefully, this guide gives you all the info you need to get started. Remember to try as many solutions as you can to find what works, and good luck!

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